Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Ok, I know it's been ages since we've posted. Work, volunteering, travel, daily life has really gotten in the way.

Just want to get out some major updates and then I can post my back-dated updates (complete w/ full timeline details and well, you know, emotions).

- We were medically cleared 9/16ish
(WHEW!) We only had one issue where Jeff had to have his blood re-tested based on some silly lab code. I guess we were part of that 15% that got it right the first time (yes, I'm bragging but these forms resulted in a lot of stress and countless doctors' visits--and multiple repeat visits).

-9/23 I was legally cleared (meaning they approved my school loan transfer/paperwork)
Jeff was already legally cleared

-9/23 Placement emailed us to ask for updated resumes and an Education Skillset Addendum

-9/28 We submitted the requested paperwork (finally got around to focusing on this after the crazy weekend of the Ragnar Relay in D.C.)
Unfortunately the Placement Office is off-site thru Friday... so I guess we'll have to wait until Monday for any more communication.

And that bring us up to tonight.