Peace Corps Application Timeline

June 25, 2009:
3rd Wedding Anniversary and unfortunate death of Michael Jackson; decided we wanted to join the Peace Corps

July 17, 2009:
Started documenting our lives back to birth on our applications...

October 6 - 13, 2009:
Lives documented and applications completed; all recommendations submitted

November 11, 2009:
Legal kit received

November 16, 2009:
Legal kit completed and returned

November 29, 2009:
Interview with recruiter

March 9, 2010:
NOMINATED to serve in Central/South America; early February 2011 departure

Carly - Secondary English Education
Jeff - Water & Sanitation

April 1, 2010:
Received medical packets

April 8, 2010 - May 5:
Visiting doctors; getting tests; vaccinations; teeth cleanings; etc.

- Optometrist (complete 4/12/2010)
- Dentist (complete 4/16/2010... pending Jeff's implant surgery)
- After REPEATED visits to our primary care, and an extensive hunt for a Gyno that had an opening before July, we are FINALLY done with the paperwork. Just waiting on Carly's Cytology report (estimated 2 weeks from 5/5) and Jeff's Varicella blood work (since the doctor's office missed this the first time around)

May 26:
Medical Packets received by OMS

September 16:
Both Medically Cleared! (Whew!)

September 27:
Contacted by Placement Office for updated resumes and skill set addendum (returned requested materials September 29); Placement Office out-of-office until Monday, October 4

October 6:
Placement Officer emails to schedule final interview

October 12:
Final interview with Placement Officer; told we were being recommended for Placement in South America departing early February

October 14:
Invitation in the mail!

October 20:
Invitation received! PARAGUAY February 2, 2011 (staging date)